Friday, 9 March 2012

Mother's Pride

I am very proud of my daughter, Nicola, who last night won an Achievement Award from MCHFT for her voluntary work providing the parents of babies born asleep with very precious memories.

From the awards programme booklet:

"Nicola Cooper is an accredited hospital volunteer and a professional photographer who provides her time and expertise freely, mostly at short notice, to women and their families who have experienced a pregnancy loss at Mid Cheshire's Maternity Unit. Sadly some babies die before or shortly after birth taking away the hopes and dreams of their family's future: it is a very confusing and traumatic time when parents are required to make difficult decisions.With her camera, Nicola sensitively and unobtrusively captures precious moments and memories of the short time that the families have with their babies. By providing them with the photographs, families have something to cherish and validate their parenthood long after the funeral. Nicola is utterly selfless, a consummate professional and is valued and praised by every family with which she has worked."

(Copied from MCHFT Celebration of Achievements Awards 2011/2012 programme booklet)

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