Tuesday, 16 August 2011


We had been knitting and sewing for a good while for babies on the neonatal ward, when we were aproached be one of the members of the maternity staff to ask if we would/could make garments for stillborn babies, from as small as 12 weeks. Of course we would and set about finding out the hospitals needs for this very important role.
We have patterns on our webpage www.rayofhope.co.uk and as you will see call them gowns for babies born asleep. We also have angels pockets both knitted and sewn for the very small and larger pockets if parents do not want baby dressed.
We supply to hospitals anwhere in the UK who we are in touch with and they request more from us as they need them.
These little items are very precious to us and to the parents. Some are used with baby and some are kept ( ie the liitle memory blankets) to keep with the memory boxes that we also supply to our own ( Leighton Hospital)
We have the tiny anels pockets from 15cms (6") square, some lace edged and some plain

Small gowns both cotton and knitted from approx 20cms (8") long

Medium Sized gowns and Larger gowns

Memory blankets and sometimes memory quits all between 30cms(12") and 60cms(24") square

Little bonnets/hats bootees and mitts to suit the above

If your hospital does not offer you any , please contact us direct.

We have provided moses baskets and recently purchased a cold ( refrigerated) cot, to enable parents to be able to spend those few extra special hours with baby. The cot cost over £2,000 and was purchased with the help of two bereaved familes who held a very succesful fund raising event for us.

We used to put a camera into the memory box with prepaid developing but we now have a professional photographer Nicola, www.nicspics.co.uk ---email ncooperdp@yahoo.co.uk--07968737488 joined our team who has offered her services on a 24 hour call and goes in to the hospital and meets parents and puts the photos on a disk. Parents will always have them and can view them as and when they feel ready and able. The service is free, any cost is to us. This has been really welcomed by the parents and Nicola receives many thanks.

Please feel welcome to join this blogspot and tell us your stories about your little ones. They are not forgotten Angels they are always very much part of life.


  1. My little boy Alfie was born sleeping 24th April 2011, it was and still is the worst time of my life, my heart is broken into what i can only describe a billion pieces. Thanks to the cold cot i was able to spend 36 precious hours with my son, those 36 hours i will never ever forget. The cold cot made Alfie turn a beautiful pink colour so he looked like a sleeping newborn baby. Nicola also very kindly came to the hospital and took some beautiful photographs which she put on disk for me. Without the cold cot or Nicola i would have had very little time with my son and no memories. So for that i would like to say thank you.

  2. Hello Claire. Thank you for your comments on our site.I am so sorry about your beautiful little son Alfie. We are pleased that we could help you in some small way. Our hope when be purchased the cold cot was to give parents like you that little extra precious time. Thank you also for your feedback on the photos Nicola took for you. If you think there is anything else we could have done for you at the time we would be grateful if you would let me know as it could perhaps help other parents in such difficult circumstances.